A wholesaler acts as the middle man between the retailer and the supplier or manufacturer. The wholesaler supplies goods to the retailer in convenient sizes and quantities but buys in bulk from the supplier.

The retailer may be unable to meet the specifications of a supplier for instance the minimum quantity limit acceptable. The wholesaler comes in handy because they can purchase in large quantities acceptable by the supplier and sell to the retailer in smaller quantities.

Selling of wholesale women’s tops has now become easier and more cost friendly for the seller because it can be done online. You don’t have to physically meet with your potential customers. They can just select the clothing they want, make payments and shipment of the clothes is made.

Advantages of selling wholesale women’s tops online include;

  • Greater returns on clothes sold

Selling in wholesale involves selling in bulk. The seller enjoys higher profit margins when they sell a lot of clothes all at once.

  • Stock moves faster

A wholesaler doesn’t need to worry about certain women’s clothes going out of fashion. This is because the clothes are sold in large quantities over a short period of time hence move faster.

  • Discounted Prices

When a wholesaler buys in large quantities from suppliers and manufacturers, they buy at lower prices compared to retailers. Bulk purchasing is rewarded by discount on prices.

Wholesaling also has its disadvantages which include:

  • Cost of storage

A wholesaler is forced to rent or build a storage warehouse to keep their clothes. The storage space may be expensive to rent especially over a long period of time.

  • Risk of damaging of goods during storage

The women’s tops stored are at a risk of various perils which include; fire and humidity if poorly stored.

  • Risk of theft

The wholesaler might count losses if their clothes are stolen in the warehouse or during shipment.

  • Risk of the women’s clothing running out of style

When the women’s clothes are not bought on time during a particular season, they may run out of style.

  • Additional cost of shipping

Wholesaling of women’s clothing online requires shipping the clothes to the intended customer. This becomes an added responsibility on the wholesaler to ensure the clothes get to the right destination, in the right quantities and sizes and on time.

  • Occurrence of losses if goods are returned

Goods delivered might be returned if damaged during the shipment. They may also be of the wrong color or sizes compared to what the customer had ordered.