Heads turned earlier today as it was revealed that ETV is not planning an IPO anytime soon. Some had expected that there would be at least some plans for this, considering the rate of growth so far, and it is a popular option among media giants. However, a spokesperson was quoted saying “we are private and we will stay private for the indefinite future, this allows us to focus on improving our viewers service and providing them with the best value possible”.

An IPO could not only give ETV access to more funds, but it could also raise their profile, conversely it would mean the public having a lot more information about them and the consortium that owns them given the rise of alternative methods such as crowdfunding which allow companies to raise funds, whilst keeping a lid on their privacy, it’s not totally bizarre for ETV to not have an IPO in their sights.


What raises the eyebrow is what reasons they may have for wanting to maintain their privacy. A company may want this for a number of reasons, some of them innocent, it could be protecting certain processes or designs that it doesn’t want getting out, or simply doesn’t want to bother with the ordeal of preparing documents specifically for public view. However, another reason could be to make it harder to determine who is vested in the company; who has links to it and other money trails.


Little is known about the company, bodies or individuals backing ETV, only that ETV is a very serious deal for them, something which they more than want to see succeed, and of-course rumours are they have endlessly deep pockets, but are keeping ETV on a tight runway so as to ensure high quality output and increased productivity.

Who knows, as ETV grows more may be revealed, there are many questions to be answered, and the answers to some are sure to surprise. We will see how long ETV can keep mum.

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