Hopkins and Jones are Pawnbrokers in London, England and they will offer loans against your jewelry, watches, gold, vehicles and logbooks, art, custom made bags, high-quality wine, precious plates & other possessions. As a trustworthy, long established high street pawnbrokers, we provide two times more cash compared to other pawnbrokers.

Need to accumulate money quickly but can’t obtain a high-street loan and don’t wish to sell your belongings? Simply contact Hopkins and Jones Pawnbrokers’ reliable loan arrangers who will evaluate your belongings over the phone and promptly provide you with a cash loan determined by their actual worth. After you have accepted the loan offer from Hopkins and Jones Pawnbrokers London, we will immediately pay you in cash or pay you through electronic transfer.


There are absolutely no monthly payments and nothing to pay until the end of the agreed loan term. In spite of this, it is possible to pay back the loan from the pawn brokers anytime during the loan term by paying off the loan amount along with the interest due.

If you want to receive the loan before the end of the loan duration, there are virtually no early redemption charges and no early exit charges. In addition, Hopkins and Jones solely charge interest fees for the time upon which the loan is outstanding e.g. you borrow the cash for just one month – you have to pay only one month’s interest fees. Borrow the money for two months – only pay two months interest charges and so on.

Why you need to get loans from Hopkins and Jones pawnbrokers:

– Quick and simple process with little documentation!

– All Agreements are regulated by the Credit Consumer Act 1974.

– Discreet and Private Service with no credit checks!

– Instant funds available in Cash or Electronic Transfer!

– Secure storage for your belongings!

Collateral borrowing from pawnbrokers is a quick growing substitute for conventional ways of borrowing with clients unlocking cash properly secured against property in their possession. Whenever you obtain a loan from the pawnbrokers you should make sure all loan deals are secure, unobtrusive, fast and efficient. The best agreements have no minimum duration and may be redeemed anytime within the controlled seven months contractual time.

Obtaining a loan from pawn brokers is a lot easier than you might expect. Items pledged are properly secured with throughout the contractual time-frame but remain the assets of our customers until the agreement ends. Even though no credit checks are performed, all deals require proof of Identity before a customer being allowed to enter into an agreement.

Hopkins and Jones Pawnbrokers will provide you cash loan depending on your item’s highest possible market worth. They can offer up to two times more money compared to other pawnbrokers!