An investment club is a group of individuals who meet for pooling money and investing; Investment clubs are making a comeback after the rate of formation’s fell at the time of the 2008 financial crisis. One of the companies leading the charge is Investa Club but unlike traditional investment clubs Investa Club does not invest in the stock market.

Investa Club provides business loans using the funds of its members. In most case’s members, whose funds are used to fund these business loans receive an average of 3% monthly return deposited into their account. Investa club members are usually bank retail customers (people with a checking and savings account) who want to earn extra disposable income.

Investa Club members have access to a member portal were they can view how much of their funds are used to fund a loan, who the loan was given to, when the payments are due and when payments are made.

Do you have a savings account or 401k? and earning little to no interest, Investa Club members make an average of 3 percent return monthly of useable income, deposited into their account. Investa Club has a network of businesses that will pay you 3 percent or more monthly to borrow your money.

When banks lend they are using the money from your checking and savings accounts. Therefore, banks are making billions off your hard earn cash.

So now that you understand how banks make your money work for them the next question is. Why is it that you barely make pennies on the dollar in interest from your checking or savings account? A bank needs to earn a spread on their loans to cover the bank’s direct expenses and overhead costs (their cost of being in business). Your bank and 401k provider has been doing this for years, the only difference is.

At Investa Club you get to see who’s borrowing your money, how much interest is charged, when payments are due and when payments are made. You can start your account with as little as $500.