Investment banking analyst jobs pay a heck of a great deal of cash and lots of people ask me about what a brand-new expert will be doing so I thought I ‘d whip this up.

For starters, I am directing this post at conventional financial investment banking (this is not sales and trading related). Before lots of people get deep into task searching for Wall Street tasks they often say they wish to be a financial investment banker … after they search around they determine whether they wish to be in sales and trading or financial investment banking. Sales and trading is basically exactly what it sounds like while investment banking is a little more confusing. If you have no idea exactly what investment banking involves check the previously mentioned post.

As a financial investment banking analyst you are at the bottom of the totem pole and work as a business clients banker. The task is difficult (on the basis of hours) and you can expect to work 80-100 hour weeks for the most part. Anything under 60 hours would be considered a trip. The hours are long, a lot of time is invested sitting around waiting for deals. As an expert your main job is to do whatever the associate above you asks of you. Normally this implies putting together pitch books (likewise discussed in the link above), keeping an eye on at the printer, getting coffee, running errands – and if you wish to endure – never requesting for more work. Structure pitch books is extremely uninteresting.

A great investment banking analyst has professional command of stand out and can navigate it entirely by utilizing the keyboard. You will get really good at both if you aren’t already.

The hours are long and the work is repetitive however there is one bonus, you make money a lot. If you get placed in New York you will get an income of $70,000 and your bonus will be at least 40% of that (if you are bad), in an excellent year it could be one and a half times your wage. Other locations will have somewhat smaller sized pay-outs. You can choose if it is worth it to you.

On another note, if you aren’t originating from an Ivy League school, financial investment Banking Sales Jobs expert tasks are really hard to obtain. Email me if you need aid in your search, however remember I will ask you why you wish to be on Wall Street.