The hot air brush is the latest beauty gadget on the market to perfect your style. This consists of a hairdryer and a round brush in one device. This versatile product blows warm air through a ventilated barrel to finish drying your hair, molding it with a round brush.

The hot air brush is not designed to replace the normal hairdryer because it does not have enough power to dry completely wet hair. The hair must be dried in the air and dried until it dries between 50 and 80%, before starting to use the hot air brush to get a nice finish.

The hot air brush does not make straight curly hair; it is generally used to smooth or add curls / waves to straight hair.

The learning curve to master this instrument is a bit steep, but with time and practice, you can get a stunning “just out of the salon” effect. You can also use it on dry hair for touch up between hair washes.

A hot-air hair brush works best if you have short or long hair up to the shoulders and people with fine hair will get the most benefit. The warm air that blows through the crown, offers an explosive volume while the brush provides control and style, making the hair flowing and bright.


The most common way to comb hair in-depth at home or in beauty salons is the combination of 2 styling devices: a styling brush and a hair dryer. However, if you do not have enough skills or need to do your own hair, using two devices at the same time can become quite a demanding task.

To solve this problem, the beauty market presented a new solution, combining the functionality of a brush and a plate in a single device – which is a hot-air rotating brush. Millions of girls all over the world have already evaluated the benefits of this versatile brush and renounced the use of other devices, and now you have the chance to do it too. Apparently, a hot-air brush is very similar to a conventional brush, with the only difference that the latter has many small openings along the brush, through which hot air is expelled to shape the hair with heat.

Hot air brushes are used to smooth hair, create curls, waves and add volume. They are extremely versatile and can help you create any hairstyle. However, the biggest advantage of hot air brushes is that they do not cause damage to your hair and that your hair, in the end, is extremely beautiful, natural and healthy. However, if you want to get rebellious or very tight curls, you will probably still need to use some specialized equipment.


The fixed hot air brushes have the brush in a fixed position, so it is necessary to manually roll it up to shape the hair. Some people prefer these rather than those with automatic rotation, because the hair does not get tangled

The hot air rotating brushes have a rotating head, which gives more volume to your hair and facilitates your styling routine. The rotation function is optional, so you can also choose to use the brush without rotation

Hot air brushes with spinning function tend to capture hair more than stationary and require more time to master them than those with manual rotation

The double-rotating brushes have two directional buttons, so they can rotate forward or backward, which makes them equally convenient for both left-handed and right-handed and for both sides of the head

Hot air brushes with interchangeable heads have a drying unit and two or more brush accessories to adapt to different hair lengths and create different styles

The “tangle-free” hairbrushes have a release button that allows the barrel to rotate in the opposite direction to release a section of tangled hair

Some hot air brushes use advanced ionizing technology to dry the hair faster, eliminating the static effect and frizz

The brushes usually range from 250 to 1000 watts of power. 250 watts may be enough for the baby’s fine hair, but for thick and rough hair you’ll need a lot more energy. The best rotating brush currently available on the market, has 1000 watts of power.


A hot air brush gives a great volume to the hair, unlike a traditional plate, which can leave the hair too flat. You can get closer to the roots, which give your hair more life and more body than you can get from your usual plate.

It is useful to have it handy in wet weather conditions. Helps tame frizz and gives your hair more shine

With this tool, you can get a magnificent result. You can also use it for retouching between hair washes. A hot-air styling brush can be perfect for finishing touches before a special event

A hot air styler is light and easy to maneuver, great for your wrists. It is also easier to use than using a plate and a separate round hair styling brush. Your arms do not get tired and you can use your other hand to hold the hair section and help with styling

A hot-air brush does not become hot like the traditional hair straightener. This is important if you are worried about the damage that could cause your hair the high heat of the styling tools

The hot-air styling brush is ideal for travel. You can carry only one item with you, instead of overloading your suitcase with different styling tools. When you’re on vacation, you can simply dry your hair with air and then use this hot air brush to dry and finish your hair Best Hot Air Brush for Short Fine Hair .

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When buying the best hot air rotating brush, it is important to select the tool that will work for your hair type and is also suitable for the length of your hair.

Fine hair: they are excellent for people with fine and very soft hair. They can approach the scalp to lift the roots and allow them to float. If you have super fine hair, look for soft to medium bristles.

Thin hair: a hot air styler works well even with thin hair, because it adds body to the hair. If you have thinning hair, apply a volumizing mousse before shaping the hair.

Straight hair: it can be used to give a smooth curve to straight hair and add more body and shine. For a longer lasting volume, it is necessary to apply a volumizing mousse or hairspray.

Short hair: it is a perfect tool for people with short hair and medium length. However, keep in mind that for short hair they need a small “barrel for hair”.

Long hair: split the hair and work with small sections for a better effect. If you want the waves to get lost, go over each piece a few times while twisting and turning the brush.

Rough hair: if you have rough and thick hair, make sure to pre-dry your hair well, then use this tool to refine your style; a hot-air styling brush is not powerful enough to dry thick and rough hair.

Curly hair: a hot air brush will not give you straight hair like an iron; smooth the hair and turn it slightly. If you want to make your hair curly straight, you’ll still need to use a plate. You will also need to use the iron if you want your ends to be straight, because the round brush tends to curl your ends.


As you can see, there are many different products to choose from on the market. If you want to know about the rotating brush opinions and reviews, all you need to do is keep reading! What you choose will depend only on the type of hair you have and your budget, but choose wisely, because you could buy a brush with extra features that you do not need, or pay too much for one is not exactly designed for your hair. This article should have helped you avoid situations like these and keep your hair silky and smooth. Thank you for taking the time. I really hope I have influenced you positively so that you can make an educated decision when buying your next hot-air brush.