With medical advances, better living conditions and the decrease in risky health behaviors, people are living well past retirement age. Although a blessing, that may put a greater demand on the amount of savings that you have to put away for your future.

With so much turmoil revolving around government budgets, relying on the government to pay for you when you can no longer pay for yourself, is not a good way to safeguard your monetary resources into old age. The good news is that whether you are twenty or fifty, there is still time to put money away for retirement.

When we realize that we are no longer kids, some of us are already well into adulthood. Those who are not wired to save may be worrying about how much time they have left to save for their retirement egg. Fear not, if you invest well, use an interest calculator make smart moves to grow your savings account, you would be surprised how quickly you can catch up.

To up your retirement savings and ensure that you are never a burden to your children, use these five suggestions to up your savings balance.

1 Go for the small instead of focusing on the grand

When we think about retirement money, we often think about the “grand” scale that we need to save and completely ignore those small and incremental savings that can really add up. Using those extra funds that seemingly just show up, is an excellent way to boost your savings account. Instead of spending your tax return on something you don’t need, or seeing that twenty dollar bill found in your pocket as money to burn, stick it into your savings account. It is all those small things that can add up big time and accumulate your retirement savings quickly.

Pretend that the money found was never found at all and create a separate account to put those little additional finds into. If you never acknowledge that you had it, you can’t miss it, and you also can’t find a way to waste it.

2 Manage your own money or find a more reasonable manager

If you are having someone manage your money for you, you may want to give it a second look. Often, all the money that we throw into having someone grow our funds does nothing but go toward paying them to grow our funds. After they take their commission and all the other expenses, you are left with a fraction of what you think you are. Instead of hiring someone who is going to take all the fine print additions, look into ways to invest for yourself. Taking the middle man out is always a good way to hold onto more of your investment money.

If you are no financial whiz, consider the fact that unless you are a wall street big-wig, you don’t need a high-priced investor, you just need someone to manage your money where you can’t. Shop around for someone who knows the minimum and won’t charge you the maximum.

3 Behave like a Millennial

Although getting a bad rap in many other areas, when it comes to spending, Millennials are the first generation to put some forethought into their future finances. Millennials are comparable to Baby Boomers when it comes to savings and conservation. They put away more of their finances for a rainy day than generations have for quite a while. Perhaps due to their inability to find full employment, or being employed at all, they are good about saving for their retirement and understanding that there may come a rainy day in the future.

4 Put your needs first

It is difficult, as your responsibilities grow, to put your needs first. If you don’t put your money away and instead lend it out to family members, especially your kids who want things like a new car, you may end up doing them more harm than good. If you don’t put away money for yourself now, you may end up on their doorstep in the future. Put your own financial situation ahead of theirs to ensure that you won’t be a burden to them in the future. Their new car can wait, your retirement fund can’t.

5 Work a little longer or get a part time retirement job

The longer that you can delay collecting on your social security the better off you will be. Not only will you accumulate more money into your savings, your social security will increase the longer that you stay put at work. Retirement sounds like a great idea, but wouldn’t it be greater if you had the money to do what you wanted when you were retired instead of not having the funds to enjoy your time off?

Being smart about retirement is important whether you are twenty or fifty. It is never too late to up your retirement account so that you have the money you need and never become a burden to those around you.