Growing a small business can be a rough task due to lack of market knowledge, small budgets and limited customer awareness.  As a small business owner you must be ready to use whatever channel you can to get the word out about your business.  This may mean looking for low cost options to advertise and market.

You’re in luck, as vinyl banners and other print advertising may just be a perfect fit for your small business.  Vinyl banners are a very powerful form of marketing or advertising and grab an audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression of your brand.  You can choose the size of the format an it’s application, whether a banner is placed on a building, over a stage, at a job fair, above your store and many more creative locations.  Cheap and cost effective, vinyl banner marketing is still one of the most effective methods your business can use to gain customers.  The following are four locations that your business can choose to place vinyl banners at for potential advertising success.

Advertise at athletic events

There is a multitude of sporting events taking place in any given city that would be perfect scenarios for your business banner to be displayed.  Football, soccer, baseball stadiums, little league parks, golf courses, basketball courts, hockey rinks, community centers and more are all viable locations that attract a ton of people on a daily basis.  The more high profile the event, the better your advertising dollar is being put to work.  As a business owner you would start out by looking around your local area and inquiring about which events are taking place.  Once you know what’s happening it is time to figure out which events your target market will most likely frequent.  Once you know that, find out which you have access to in terms of showing off your vinyl-marketing banner. Get your banner ready, display it at a chosen event and let it do its work for your business.


Banners on buildings

Find a roadside building that has a lot of traffic (foot and motor vehicle) passing by.  This situation can get your business’s banner scene by millions and can potentially be very cheap for you.  In this scenario focus on having a banner that is bright, colorful and can really turn heads.  Remember to keep your message simple and the lettering large so that your audience can read your message easily.  Ad space is often easily rented for cheap prices and can offer a very effective ad campaign for your business.

Stage advertising

Social events in your area such as concerts or festivals are prime locations for vinyl banner advertising.  Get your banner on, above or near the stage and all the people will view you in attendance.  Not only will your business be seen but you can also narrow down the target demographic based on the event your advertising at.

Overpass banners

Seek out road overpasses or railroad overpasses that experience high traffic beneath them.  These locations are often the cheapest as many businesses do not think to use them, but can often be the most effective.  Check with your local municipality whether overpass banners are an option for your business.

Vinyl banners are one of the most effective, attention grabbing forms of advertising out there for your business to employ.  They combine exposure with competitive pricing in a way that not many other forms of advertising can.  Ensure that your banners are vibrant and deliver a clear message.  Have your banners professionally designed and printed so that your business is well represented.  This banner will be leaving an impression with your potential customers so make sure you put your best foot forward.  For professional vinyl banner printing and design, check out Signs World Wide in Austin, TX for all your business advertising needs.  They can be found via the website at: