In 2014, the Facebook acquired the WhatsApp messenger which costs around $19 billion dollar, it remains as the most used IM service with its parent owned platform. You may start using the app regularly, but there may be some or operations that you shouldn’t know. There may be some things that you may be don’t know about WhatsApp:

1.One Billion downloads with 5 People

Last Year, In March this messaging service hits the 1 billion downloads marks on Android. WhatsApp Cofounder and CEO Jan Koun posted that there are 5 people in total who are currently working on Android version.

2. Facebook and Twitter rejected the Company’s Co-founders

Jan Koun and Brian Action were rejected by Facebook and Twitter during Interviews who worked together at Yahoo, before working with WhatsApp full time. Just imagine what change they will make if one of those interviews would go better.

3. Images & videos can compressed using Whatsapp

Yes of course one may utilise a dedicated app for photo editing for this however the quality gets drop down. This feature is also available for whatsapp group. For making group you can choose names from whatsapp group names. For compressing the images & video all you need to do is to send the same by whatapp to somebody then go to the camera roll on iOS or on whatapp media folder on Android for locating the compressed ones, from here you can also share the files & delete the original ones in order to save space.

4. In whatsapp user account is created in form of phone number

A customised edition of the open messaging pattern XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence protocol) is run in this service that was developed first for association application Jabber. The ID protocol developed for Jabber in the form of <[phone number]@s.whatsapp.net> is utilised via  whatsapp

5. Make out when your messages are read

By just holding on any specific message & selecting “info” one can come to know about the exact time that when the message was delivered & read.

6. Custom notices for every contact or group

Base on the device type one can customise their notifications for every group & contacts by setting up various custom message vibrating patterns, sounds, pop ups or ringtone. iOS being the most limiting one just allows only 2 ringtones & sound however in case of Android once may use all 4 option which means you will have diverse notification for your family, friends, colleagues, relatives etc.

7. Formatting text such as strike-through, italics & both can be done

By March, WhatsApp for iOS & Android have sustained fundamental text formatting as ably in pretty easy approach, through attach your note in tildes for strikethrough, in underscores for italics, & in asterisks for bold.

8. User data is not stored

The cause WhatsApp Web requires your handset and its related information services to perform is just as the corporation doesn’t offer server storage of our messages, not like Skype or Face book Messenger. Server only stores your undelivered data nothing else, after the delivery of message that too gets deleted. But yes of course you can take backups on icloud or Google Drive.

9. 256-bit end-to-end encryption is provided

Build via Open Whisper Systems – each and every communications received or send by WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end that denotes hackers or oppressive systems cannot violate your confidentiality. This progress has push WhatsApp into the lawful world fame as then, because it denotes that messages may not be legally captured also.

10. “whatsapp://send?text=HELLO” in browser address bar

it has its Web protocol too, that is utilized via majority of websites for creating a WhatsApp share element. By typing the above text in your browser will open your Whatapp if the same is installed in your mobile. Then in your browser you can select a contact & can start messaging/ chatting from your laptop or desktop.